About Vanita K. Gupta

Every story of my life is about food. Time and time again, the universe and its many messengers would tell me food is my path, but I would say no, I am a scientist. And yet early on in my career as a scientist, I tattooed the chemical symbols for capsaicin and curcumin – the active ingredient is a chili pepper and turmeric respectively – because they represented spice and health. It was my personal mix of science, food, and healing. My future self was guiding me before I was consciously aware.

I am the daughter of immigrants who came from a country steeped in a culinary history of food as medicine. The family I was born into was a family of medicine – not natural medicine but pharma fueled medication. My life in utero until I left home was so filled with trauma that I was questioning the nature of reality and searching for the meaning of life while other kids were learning to ride a bike.

Food was a theme of my early life and defined many of my relationships to the world and to others. I was overweight, underweight, starved myself, binged, and had an addiction to food creating a love-hate relationship to it. While in graduate school for molecular biology, I came across yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, which literally means the science of life. I began to treat my body like a science experiment and became more conscious of my relationship to food. Food was the way I began to understand myself.

Over the next decade I tried to fit into the 3D matrix by working in corporate, rising through the ranks, earning more money, doing all the things that I was told defined success. I was miserable. I was still suffering from the depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts of my past and they were compounded with the stress of corporate America. Through this experience I had lost my spiritual side, but I never lost my relationship with food. While others made fun of what I ate, I had formed an intimate and unshakable relationship to my body through food. It was my solid ground in an unstable world. I was constantly expressing myself in the world of food and it was food that transformed me.

After deep shadow work, I remembered who I am and why I am here. I am medicine witch and food is my medicine. I am here to help others heal and achieve their optimal health, connect with their body’s intuition, and step into their power body, mind and soul. I am here to help navigate the intersection between science and spirituality, evidence and intuition, fact and faith, and alternative and western medicine. As a scientist, I worked with microliters of solution that held invisible strands of DNA that I manipulated to work magic. Now I play with the magic of life and know that there is more to this world than what we perceive. Food is the energy I use to navigate the inner and outer worlds.

Food is more than what we eat. It is what we consume in every area of life. My journey with food has led me to explore energy medicine in all its forms. 

Vanita holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and an MBA. After numerous accolades as a research scientist, she spent more than 12 years as a Medical Director in the field of scientific communications working for pharma, biotech, hospital systems and advocates of rare disease.

On the side, she leveraged her talents in scientific research, discovery and creation to tap into diverse cultural traditions and craft inspired, flavor-forward, plant-based meals that surprise and delight the taste buds. In response to the 2016 elections, she created a dinner series to foster communication and discussion of topics not encouraged at the dinner table. She sought to actively transform the visceral response of an unpleasant discussion (loss of appetite) into one in which people learned to listen and respect one another through the consumption of a thoughtfully crafted three course meal designed to stimulate the senses and nourish body, mind and soul.

After leaving her corporate career and embarking on a journey of healing, she birthed Food Alkhemix to serve her purpose of helping people achieve their optimal health, mind body and soul through self love.

She is also a certified Reiki Master and Sound Healer leading people through deep levels of quantum healing.