Healing from the inside out and the outside in.

The Goal is to Feel Authentically You

Food Alkhemix helps people reduce stress and anxiety in life by activating their intuition so they feel good in their body eating what they love without guilt or shame using a one-of-a-kind system that blends evidence-based science and practical mindfulness techniques.

Working with Vanita K. Gupta of Food Alkhemix will help you step into your power by diving deep into your relationship with food and how you feel in order to reconnect you with your body’s wisdom. Through this journey we will unravel the narratives you hold in your cells, deconstruct old belief systems, and release what is no longer needed to unleash your true potential for optimal health and promote healing.


When you are in our optimal health, you are em-powered : fully embodying your power. You have the ability to focus our full attention on what you want to create in life, feeling safe and supported so that you can experience all of life.

When you do not feel well – mentally, physically, or emotionally – you may be distracted by what is bothering you, disconnected from yourself or others, and confused about the best course of action. You give away your power to others, asking doctors, shamans, the internet, friends and family to help you. They are resources with important knowledge that can guide you in the right direction, but there is only one person who knows what is the best course of action. YOU. You hold all the answers to your optimal health. 

You are the only one that knows the unique fingerprint of your life.

You are a one-of-a-kind expression of life with your own genetic expression, environmental conditions, background, triggers, profession, lifestyle, needs and so much more that helped shaped you into YOU.

There is no one else in this universe that is like you – with every choice in your life, you create more of YOU. You are special. You are unique. You have a magic that defines YOU. When you are in your optimal health, your magic grows. You are in your full power.

Food is medicine and when you listen to your gut to make conscious choices that heal, body, mind and soul, you are empowered to live life to your highest potential. No one can tell you what is right for you to eat.  Diets, fads, and the latest trends in eating are short-term one-size-fits-all temporary solutions that do not consider personal lifestyles, genetics or situations and ignore emotional, mental and spiritual health, critical pillars of optimal health and long lasting change.

There is no one perfect system of health because your uniqueness is ever evolving.

As you change through life, moment to moment, year to year, decade to decade, you constantly re-evaluate and adapt. You also learn to navigate the new terrain of your health when events beyond your control take place – like your favorite restaurant closing, or as nerve-wracking as presidential elections, or as dramatic as the entire planet going into full lockdown.

When you learn how to listen to the stories our bodies tell, learn to act and not react, and tune into the cycles of life you know how to adjust and get back on track no matter what the circumstances.

Your relationship to food can tell you a lot about your relationship to your bodies, how you feel about your past, present and future, your beliefs about yourself, the planet, situations and other people. Diving deep into your relationship with food can not only transform your physical health, but our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Mother nature has provided us with everything we need to survive. Health is our greatest asset in life. And when you are in your optimal health, you  move from surviving to thriving. When you are thriving, you are better able to help others thrive and raise the collective energy, consciousness and vibration, manifesting your dreams into reality. You are better able to be of service to the world with your unique magick.

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